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G-MACC Inc. believes in the power of a healthy body, a nurtured soul and a curious mind; we believe that our past mistakes offer critical stepping stones from which to learn and teach. We want to help people draw on their innate intelligence while understanding their emotions in order to transform negative behaviors into positive achievement. G-MACC founder, Shanduke Mcphatter, believes that cooperation and fellowship can triumph over intimidation and negativity.

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About Us

G-MACC Inc. is based upon changing the lives of those caught in the street life, which involves drugs, guns, violence, prison and the overall gangsta mentality. G-MACC will provide resources to youth, men and women in and out of the prison system. G-MACC believes that the need for change is understanding that individuals, especially our youth.

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Mission Statement

G-MACC Inc. is committed to making positive change by reaching out to residents of all ages in communities ravaged by gun violence and gang activity. By providing tools and resources to young and old alike, G-MACC helps people reflect, learn, act and evolve to embrace the healthy, caring, stable individual within, and to transform the surrounding community through positivity and activism.

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Our Approach 

The Curse

Schools have the most violence and dropouts. Congregation and recruitment of gangs begins in the schools. Parents are unaware that their child may be in gang or don’t always understand the seriousness of their daily activities. The kids don’t have trust in the law enforcement and most authority figures. The young people look to the ones readily available that are supplying them with support and resources for their leadership, protection, and guidance. Most youth nonprofits are following a set pattern and are ran by people who never experienced the street life in someway, therefore the young people don’t feel like they are useful to them. Recent released are returning to the streets without a changed mindset and tend to recruit young people into their lifestyle.

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The Gift

Education and train teachers and school staff to identify the changing gang trends. Establish a mandated mentorship program for the high risk students.

Show gangs members how to get out of gangs and get the gang leaders to let them out. Expand our communication with the youth and public to ask for help i.e Dear Big Homie. Grab the attention of the street leaders to become now positive influences for the cure. Helping young people understand their environment and the assistance available. Encourage, educate and train parents on checking their homes regularly. Respond immediately after gang violence to prevent retaliation.

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